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As he said, “does not fit in my head that anyone seriously see any Polish interest in this, we did not build the best possible relations with our neighbors, especially with those with whom the story was the most difficult.” “We especially need to look for reconciliation with the Ukrainians, with Germany, with all its neighbors and reconciliation is a deep, which underlies the EU, precisely because it is so difficult, “- said Tusk. In his view, if we make no effort at reconciliation, the resentments and historical baggage “trigger demons” .Tusk also touched on the future of the European Union. He stated that “the mirage is the unification of Europe as a civic nation, no different languages, national ambitions.” He added that he does not expect to live such a moment in which European identity will be for the majority of Europeans “stronger, more emotional and deeper than national identity” . “But that’s why we need the EU understood as an ongoing process of building consensus and compromise, precisely because the past, today’s interests, today’s emotions so often lead us to the brink of conflict” – said Tusk.Rozwijajac thought Tusk said that if we fail to “mindless clinch extremely violent political conflict,” if we are vulnerable to progressive disintegration – at least in the sphere of emotions – in Europe, and if we believe that America and Europe have to be away from each other, is “we could lose the game with the highest rate of” .Tusk remarked that he realizes how much un Continue reading pay for a research paper com – 25 percent.