Meet Andrew Rose: Co-Founder & BOSS at Testive

Meet Andrew Rose: Co-Founder & BOSS at Testive

What are your primary duties and even responsibilities from Testive?

We are one of the Co-Founders of Testive, and I feel also the Ex-CEO. This main accountabilities are (1) listening to fathers and mothers, (2) mother or father outreach, and (3) advising the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER.

What’s the perfect part about working from Testive?

Definitely the part is definitely watching people today grow and be accepted as more than the actual were when they started. Now i am really grateful because When i get to identify that directly while in the staff, trainees, and parents.

If you’re not working, what do you like to undertake?

I am a good prodigious maker of daughters. (I have at least three, depending on giving up cigarettes reading this). My major hobby will be coaching joggers on health.

What’s your selected food?

Definitely the food is quickly chicken nuggets. I can take 100 fowl nuggets in a sitting. Luckily for us, chicken is a superb lean healthy proteins. For our festivity party, my favorite co-worker, Alex, got me a shirt of which says ‘I love fowl nuggets. ‘ You know how if you’re wearing whatever you love, people give you kind comments about it? Very well, I dressed in the top on my way home and several different people smiled and told me they wanted it.

What your favorite motion picture and precisely why?

My favorite dvd is 3. It’s the storyline of a small group of expertly trained Spartan soldiers assisting and out-battling 100, 000 attacking meatheads. Continue reading Meet Andrew Rose: Co-Founder & BOSS at Testive